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Welcome to yet another blog about the cloud. If you are a Software developer, or someone remotely interested in software, I am sure you have heard the phrase ‘Cloud is the future. I am here to tell you, it is not. CLOUD IS THE PRESENT. If you run the software, and you are not on the cloud, you are about to get deprecated.

Ok, I understand that was a little too harsh. There are use cases where being on the cloud is not the best thing to do (creating a UPD connection to the data source to save the sub-millisecond in latency, unblocking content that violates Cloud provider terms, etc). But let’s face it, if you are here, likely, your use case does not fall into these categories.

So why should you listen to me?

Let me introduce myself. I am a Software Engineer (surprise!!) working on the cloud. At the time of writing, I work on an AWS, on a team called EC2 Auto Scaling. If you have ever used AWS, there is a very good chance the product you used was my service, or the product used my service at some level in their stack.

Why am I writing this blog?

Fame. Money. Inspire others. Tell my story. etc. etc. etc. I totally googled ‘Why to start a blog’, and these are the things that came up. I promise you these are not my primary motivators to start the blog (although I would love to be the semi-famous guy you saw entering first class but cannot quite place).

Here are my top reasons:

  • CLOUD IS THE FUTURE. BUT CLOUD IS COMPLICATED. Believe me, it is complicated (but you already know that). It took me one on the team year to figure out the difference between a Launch Configuration and a Launch Template (you will find out what these are soon :)). I don’t even want to start talking about VPCs just yet. With this blog, I will try and demystify some of these cloud products.
  • I truly believe the cloud is an extremely powerful tool, and I guarantee you will benefit from moving to the cloud or using some of the features I plan to talk about in this blog. Want to reduce your hosting costs by 90%, I can help. Want to improve your launch time by 6x, I can help. Don’t know which of the 500+ instance types is right for you, I can help.
  • CLOUD IS COMPLICATED. I know I already said that. But it is a very big motivator for me to start this blog. I mean AWS alone has 200+ products/services. Chances are you have missed some amazing feature releases that would have made your life a lot easier. This has happened to the best of the engineering teams I have worked with. I will do my best to highlight things that could be useful to you.

So what’s next?

For starters, you can follow me on Twitter at @akshayja_in to get notified about my new posts. If there are any topics you really want to know about, Twitter is also the best place to reach me.